Mr. Antoine Barakat

Former General Secretary, former Head of teachers at Jesuit, and a the pioneer of French teaching in Egypt.

1944 - 1956: Study elementary, middle and secondary school in the Holy Family College run by the Jesuit Fathers (Jesuits). Obtained a high school diploma - Section of Mathematics - in June 1956

1956 – 1960: Study of  Physics and Mathematics at the Faculty of Science - Ain Shams University. Got in June 1960 the Degree of BSC - Department of Special Physics – Grade very good with honors.

1960 -1965: Appointed as lecturer in the Department of Physics - Faculty of Science - Ain Shams University for Teaching and doing Research Work  in the following areas: semiconductors - purifying elements used in nuclear reactions and manufacture of rocket casing - practical applications of the electronic microscope .

1965 – 2006: Return to the Jesuit School to teach Mathematics and Physics at the final Levels (second and third Secondary). During this long period  I have been trained, extensively in France, in the years 1970,1972, 1975.1986, on how to teach Mathematics and Physics.

From 1999 to 2006: I was appointed to manage all what concerns the studies and activities of the final levels in the Jesuit School . I introduced several new systems for these studies; scientific research and social activities.

From 2004 to 2006: I have managed a team of math and science professors, to publish distinctive tests weekly in Al-Ahram newspaper, in order to help the students to get out of traditional patterns based on memorization.

2006 – 2011: Founded in September 2006, with two of my colleagues, a French International School called "Concordia", in New Cairo area, and this to manage an urgent need to educate the current generation to another way of  learning and acquiring skills. In June 2010 "Concordia" School was on the list of French schools, accredited by the French Ministry of Education. In June 2010, I was appointed to manage another British School (EBIS) in the same Campus of Concordia.

- I got in August 6, 1991, by the Prime Minister of France, the Order of the academic title of "Knight" and then in February 8, 2012, the Order of the higher academic title of "Officer."

- The number of students, I have dealt with, during my long career, which lasted 51 years, is more than 7000 students.

- Since October 2013 and till now, I have led a team working in the field of education to produce a full-file on how to develop and change drastically the system of  Education in Egypt.

Mastering 4 languages: Arabic – French – English - Italian