Dr. Magda Ghoneim

Magda Ghonem, Ph.D.

Former Board of Trustees Director. UN Development Expert and Professor of the Agricultural Economy at Ain Shams University.


International Development Consultant and Evaluator


Dr. Magda Ghonem possesses a multi-disciplinary background in both education and professional experience. In terms of education, she disposes of a economics-oriented basis acquired within the framework of her studies of agricultural economy (B.Sc. at Ain Shams University, Cairo and and M.Sc. at Göttingen University, Germany); this was subsequently complemented with social aspects featured in her Ph.D., which focused on the socio-economy of development (Göttingen University). Regarding practical experiences, she has been engaging in a wide variety of assignments and positions for international organizations (e.g. UNDP, UNICEF, FAO, WFP, GEF, EU, GIZ, IDRC, WB, ETF ODI). Aside from her permanent employment as a lecturer of Rural Development and Socio-Economics at Ain Shams University and her numerous long-term positions in development projects, she conducted  about  50 research studies and evaluations in the field on development at large.