100 thousands School Bag Program

Proposal for cooperation between Maareif Foundation “the community of donors”: School Bag Proposal 

The bulk of corporate donations targeting the education sector commonly is spent on building school buildings. It has little impact on the quality of education.

Various NGOs working in developing Education have been actively involved in lengthy studies looking for the best ways to improving the education and serve the students.   The findings of such studies indicate that the best impact on education comes from spending money directly on the students.

Maareif proposal is running a number of programs under this criteria and one of our programs is “School Bag Program” –


The Vision:

We are looking forward through School bag Program to help the students, their families, the community at large, and improving specific fields in Egyptian Economy.

The Objectives:

We are seeking to RUNNING THE PROGRAM IN PARTNERSHIP with the Donors to cover good percentage of the number of bags based on the available budget.

The Goal:

We are targeting 100 Thousand bags for the coming academic year that starts in Sept 2016.



  1. The numbers of students in primary schools from KG1 to Grade 6 are nearly 10 million Students.
  2. They represent half the number of students enrolled in the educational system which reaches a total of 20 million students.
  3. More than two third of the students in the primary schools are under privileged. They might not buy a school bag except every other year or so.
  4. 90% of the school bags are imported.
  5. Almost all the components of the school bag is also imported, including the pen, pencil, eraser, calculator, ruler, etc..
  6. We do not know how many students do not have access to school supplies in governmental schools.



  1. We want the student to feel that S/he is getting the school bag for her/himself.
  2. The student cannot take the school back home but S/he will take the bag back home.
  3. We want to buy the school bags made in “Egypt” not the imported ones, to help the local industry.
  4. The first step would be the school bag and it has to be followed by other adding another component to the program that includes the school supply and later educational tablet.


How the program works?

Identifying the quality of durable bags we are seeking that is made in Egypt.
We could ask the Union of Industry to participate in this program to secure buying the bags at cost from the factories.
We will not tailor a specific bag to serve our program because this will mark or actually categorize the students carrying this bag as charity students.
We will not but the logo of any donor on the bags themselves because this will be exploitation.
The distribution of the bags would be 10 Thousand bags per each provenance in Upper Egypt.
We will be targeting villages more than cities.

What happens if the student want to sell the bag?

We understand that the student or her/his family “might” prefer to sell the bag to cover some of the house expenses. We can add another component for the program to cover this point by adding incentive to the students. Whoever will submit the bag next year in good condition we will replace it with new one.

Would the bag include the school supply list?

For the launching of the program we are seeking the bag alone. In phase two we can add the school supply, because it will better help the students and the Egyptian SME industries as well. In Phase three we can add the tablets that include educational video clips and interactive curriculum.

What if the student lose her/his bag?

It is very possible that the student would lose the bag during the academic year. But we do not cover this part in the program.

Why do not we ask the students to pay for the bag?

We can actually ask them to pay 5 L.E. or 10 L.E. to share. But this will exclude many students which we would like to include in distribution. We also do not want to get involved in the market dynamics between the buyer and the seller. We want to stay focused on the development and in directing the donation money to directly serve the students.

What is in it for the Donor?

Fulfilling & adding to the effective role of the donor in society (corporate social responsibility) through efficiently getting involved in programs and activities that are really beneficial to the students and are directed towards developing the local communities.

What do we expect from the Donor?

The cost of the bag is 100 L.E. we do not have min value for sharing. Donate even one bag.

Program Sustainability:

After a successful launch of this program we are hoping to engage more sponsors to expand the program.